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Construction Portfolio


    Structures add important architectural elements to the landscape. JNL custom designs arbors, pergolas and fences. We work with local craftsmen to build and install these structures. We also work with fence companies to select the right design and materials.

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  • FIRE

    The element of fire is universally compelling. JNL has a wide range of experience designing and building fire elements into the landscape. We aim to create fire features that are beautiful, safe and functional. Whether you wish to burn wood or have the convenience of gas , JNL can design a fire element that fits your space and needs.


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  • Patios

    Patios offer the amenity of an outdoor gathering space. Designing the right size, location and materials are critical to them feeling welcoming and serving the desired needs. JNL has a vast knowledge of materials and can design a patio that is unique and perfect for your space.

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  • Pools

    A swimming pool is a wonderful source of entertainment and a focal point in the landscape. JNL can help you carefully design all aspects of a pool project from the shape of the pool to fencing and gardens and most importantly, the location and relationship to the house. Getting all these aspects right is critical to a successful pool project.

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  • Walkways & Driveways

    Circulation is a big and important aspect of the landscape. Walkways and driveways move people and vehicles through the space. The design of these elements and materials selected are critical to the overall look and function of the landscape.

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  • Walls

    Walls are an iconic New England landscape feature. Whether they are working to retain or just define a space or boundary they are beautiful handcrafted features of the landscape. JNL’s skilled masons are able to craft the wall that is right for your project.

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